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2023 Australian Age Swimming Championships

7 Apr 2023

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

The 2023 Australian Age Swimming Championships in April 2023. Clovercrest was thrilled to have had 4 swimmers qualify and compete this year. Ella, Ruby, and Piper all qualified for their first national age championship, and Stephanie qualified for her 4th national age championship. This is the most swimmers we have had qualify for many years, and we look forward to seeing what next year has to offer, with so many great up and coming swimmers who will now be eligible.

Piper competed in 5 events, 800m free, 200m fly, 400m free, 200m free, and 1500m free. Highlights for her were finishing 11th in the 800m free, 7th in the 1500m free, and achieving a personal best time for her 400m free. Piper loved the experience of swimming at this level!

Stephanie competed in 3 events, 50, 100, and 200m breaststrokes. Her highlight was a personal best time for her 100m breast, also achieving a personal best for her 50m split time. Steph was grateful to finally have able to attend a national competition less affected by covid!

Ruby competed in 2 events, 50 and 200m fly. Her highlight was finishing 19th in the 200 fly, and generally loving the experience of her first nationals!

Ella competed in the 50m backstroke, with her highlight being an impressive .69 sec PB on a recent entry time, also enjoying her first nationals experience.

Conditions often weren't ideal, but all 4 girls did us proud, both in the pool, and also with their wonderful supportive attitudes.

Thanks to Jill for her fantastic coaching support and to Mark for his team managerial skills!

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