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  • I am a new family and would prefer to talk to someone in person. How do I do that?
    At Saturday training, we aim to have a committee member at training sessions. Please come and ask us any questions you have. If we don’t have an answer, we will find out for you! We will also endeavour to introduce ourselves to you and check that things aren’t too overwhelming! If you can’t find a committee member, please feel free ask the coach when they are available.
  • How and when do I pay monthly fees?
    Fees are due on the 10th of each month payable via direct debit into the Clovercrest Swimming Club account. Bank account details in Members area. Please annotate the payment with your surname plus “swim fees”. ​
  • If I want to change the number of swim sessions per week, how do I do that?
    We understand that sometimes things change. As fees are payable monthly, the next time fees are due, simply adjust the amount paid into the account, and email our Treasurer on so she knows to look out for a different amount from your family. This can be just for one month, or ongoing, just let us know.
  • What if I'm on holidays or sick, can I get make ups?
    Unfortunately, there are no make ups for holidays. If, however, you are away for an entire month, you can simply elect to cancel fees for the month and let our Treasurer know on the email address listed above. If you are sick for a long period of time, please contact our President at and he can sort something out for you.
  • Where can I find the links for required parent member responsibilities?
    Apply for a Working With Children Check and upload to Swim Central when you have received it Make sure you have a photo uploaded into Swim Central
  • My child can't swim all the strokes yet. Can they join?
    It is important that your child is able to swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke before they join Clovercrest Swimming Club. A certain proficiency is required in freestyle and backstroke, and breaststroke is a tricky stroke to teach without a learn to swim instructor. If your child hasn't reached these milestones yet, we recommend contacting Clovercrest State Swim. Most of our swimmers started their swimming journey at State Swim, and are very grateful for the skills that have made them the swimmers they are today. Once your child has mastered the basics, we'd love to have them join us if they are still interested in competitive swimming!
  • When do the Summer and Winter training seasons begin and end?
    Summer training usually starts at the end of term 3 and ends at the end of term 1. There are usually 2 weeks break over the April school holidays where the fees will be adjusted accordingly. This is a great time to plan a family holiday if you don’t want to miss any swim training! Winter training usually starts term 2 and finishes at the end of term 3. Specific dates will be emailed out before the start of each season and placed on our website.
  • How many training sessions should you aim to do in a week?
    This depends on which squad level you are. Please discuss your options with your coach.
  • When is it okay to leave my child at training on their own?
    While training is underway, our swimmers are fully supervised. If you feel comfortable, you are welcome to leave your child, assuming they are also comfortable and don’t require any extra assistance. Please arrive promptly to pick your child up as coaches may have other commitments.
  • What gear do I need and where do I get it?
    All swimmers require a kick board, pull buoy, and flippers. Swimmers age 10 and up also require a snorkel and hand paddles. Once your child is 11, they will may also require drag pants. Please check with a coach.
  • Where are the best places to buy equipment and bathers?
    These can be purchased at sports stores, swimming venues, and even online. Please ask a more experienced member if you would like specific recommendations.
  • How do I know when I can enter carnivals?
    Good question! The answer is as soon as your child feels ready to enter them. There are different types of carnivals- see questions below for explanations about those. Club level meets are an ideal starting point as they have no qualifying times and are a great way to get to know your club mates.
  • How do I enter a carnival?
    You can enter carnivals via If you need some help, please talk to a committee member and we will talk you through it.
  • Are there certain carnivals we should do, or the club recommends?
    You are welcome to enter any carnival that you are qualified to enter. Occasionally the club will target a particular meet and encourage as many swimmers as possible to go. This information will be sent out via email, and in our private Facebook group.
  • How do I know what events I should enter my child in at a Carnival and does the coach let us know what events to enter?
    Our senior swimmers should talk to their coach about which swims they should enter, especially for the targeted meets such as State Championships, and Development meets. As an emerging swimmer, it is really up to you. Some things to consider are: - Perhaps start with shorter distances first, then build up to longer ones. Consider spacing out swims so your child isn’t having to rush straight back to marshalling after a swim. Please feel free to ask your coach what swims you think your child should swim.
  • What sorts of foods should I eat at carnivals?
    Fruit is great, but apples are not recommended due to slow digestion time. Bananas and grapes are great! Healthy carbs such as rice, pasta, crackers, wholemeal sandwiches Yoghurt, cheese
  • What is the difference between State Championships, Development Meets ("All In" meets, "Christmas Cracker etc), Club Meets and Club Time Trials?
    State Championships have qualifying times. These meets are run twice per year over several days at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Qualifying times can be found on the Swimming SA website. These qualifying times are the “state times” you may hear swimmers talking about. Development meets are also held at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. Development meets are open to any swimmers and are usually split into a morning and afternoon session for a younger and an older age group. Club meets are hosted by a local club, and usually have no qualifying times. Occasionally a club may set a qualifying time for some of the longer swims, but many carnivals have no qualifying times at all. Time Trials are run by our club and these times aren’t official Swimming SA times. These are a great opportunity to test out the idea of competitive swimming without being too overwhelmed. Swimmers are rewarded when they reach certain milestones (viewable in the Members section of our website), and these are how many of our awards at presentation night are calculated. Information for those are also on the members section of the webpage.
  • What are my responsibilities as a parent?
    It is essential that you have a current Working with Children check if you enter your swimmer in State Championships or Development meets at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre. For these meets, you will sometimes be rostered on to help as either a Team Manager or an Official as the club is given an allocation of officials depending on entry numbers. The link for WWC is available in the "general questions" FAQ section. Doing these roles may seem overwhelming at first, but you will get lots of help, and if you have any questions, just ask! It is expected that these will all be completed prior to entering your child in these events, but if you have a genuine reason as to why you haven't been able to complete them, please talk to our President as we will try to help. Parents will be expected to help with timekeeping and Team Manager duties from time to time at both Club meets and Time Trials. It may seem a little daunting to start with, but someone will always help you, and please feel free to ask any questions that may help make your job easier. We were all new once!
  • What are my responsibilities if I am Team Manager?
    This varies a little depending on what sort of meet you have been allocated the Team Manager role for. At all meets: Attend Team Managers meeting if there is one called Make sure all swimmers go to marshalling when required Approach the event referee if there are any concerns or problems during the meet e.g. a dispute or disqualification Stay until the last Clovercrest swimmer has finished swimming or all official duties have been completed i.e. time keeping. At Swimming SA meets (meets at SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre run by Swimming SA) only: Register as Team Manager on Swim Central when you receive the email notifying you that you are Team Manager and let the Nominations Officer know you have done this. At Club meets: If the Club Carnival is an outdoor meet it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure there will be enough shade available. The Club own various shades that are kept at Clovercrest State Swim and access can be arranged via Club Secretary, contact email Organise a time keeping roster. Normally one member from each family time keeps for about an hour, depending on the length of the carnival, with those swimming in later events time keeping later in the day
  • Help! I have been asked to be an Official. What do I do?
    If you have nominated your child to swim at a Swimming SA meet, you will sometimes be required to fulfill an officiating role. When you have been emailed asking you to take on a role, please register on Swim Central. There is always an Officials meeting which is a great opportunity to learn what is expected and ask any questions you may have. While you are not required to become accredited formally, you might find the following link useful in understanding what you are expected to do for the various roles you might be assigned: Learn to be a Technical Official . If you do decide to become accredited, we will happily support you and love having you as an "official" Clovercrest Official!
  • How does the club communicate to members?
    The club communicates with members mainly via email. If you have a question, please email our President at We also use TEAM APP to communicate with our current and active members. Information on how to join can be found in our members section. A great way to communicate with other current and active members is via our private Facebook group. Search for "Clovercrest Current Club Members", answer the question, and request membership. It's that simple! We also post public updates regularly on our Facebook ( and Instagram Pages. (
  • How do I join the Facebook group?
    The private Facebook group for current and active members can be found by searching for “Clovercrest Club Current Members” on Facebook. Request to join and answer the questions and you will be approved as shortly as possible.
  • How do the various squad levels work?
    There are currently 5 squad levels, development, intermediate, State Progression, State, and National. Swimmers are assessed by our head coach and placed in the squad level deemed appropriate. Please see our Squad Structure page for more information as to the criteria and expectations required for each squad Please feel free to discuss your swimmer’s progress or any concerns with the coaching staff at the times via prearranged meeting, phone discussion, or before or after training if agreed to by the coach. Coaches are not to be interrupted during training sessions.
  • What are the uniform requirements?
    We have one compulsory item: - the club polo shirt. This should be worn for all meets. All other items in the shop are optional. A club cap will be presented to all new members at the first time trials they attend. Unfortunately caps do break, and subsequent caps can be ordered for $18 from our uniform coordinator by emailing
  • How do I order uniform?
    Most items are available to order online via our website. The direct link to the uniform shop is:
  • Who do I contact if I have any questions about uniform?
    Our uniform coordinator is contactable via email at
  • Which uniform items are special orders?
    You may have noticed some swimmers wearing personalised named caps around the club. These are ordered periodically as we need minimum order numbers to place an order. Our uniform officer will send an email out when we plan to place an order and you can place your name on the list. We aim to place an order for these at least 1 to 2 times a year, depending on numbers. From time to time, we may have other special orders available, eg: club swim parkas. These are ordered the same way. The uniform coordinator will send out an email and you can place your name on the list.
  • When should I wear my uniform?
    Please wear your club polo and club swimming cap to all Club Time Trials and any meets you participate in. We also ask you to please wear your club swimming cap whenever we are training at a public venue. You are welcome to wear it to training, though this isn't compulsory!
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